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We level the playing field for all wine producers and importers around the world, big or small, by eliminating language and costs barriers in the process of (pre) selecting new wine trading partners.

Tell your story with your own company profile

As a winemaker or importer, you have your own company profile on the Vinexion platform. This profile is your business card on our website. Tell your story!

Quick search and match

Our search and match functionality makes it easy to find potential business partners

Easy communication

Effortless exchange of messages with your new trade partner without any language barriers. We provide automatic translations and attachment options.


All our memberships are strictly B2B and only available for wine producers, wine importers and agents or representatives working for multiple wineries.

Wine importers

  • Unlimited searching and matching to producers
  • Save search preferences and get notified about new producers
  • Unlimited secure messaging in any language

Wine producers

€180 per year (ex VAT)
  • Profile visible to all importers
  • Easily manage your assortment and importer preferences
  • Unlimited secure messaging in any language
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Ready to find your next trade partner?

If you are an agent or representative (or owner) of multiple wineries? We have a tailor made membership for you! "Take me there!"

Frequently asked questions

The process of finding new trade partners is difficult for most winemakers and importers. It takes a lot of time searching the internet or visiting trade shows. many winemakers reported that after investing time and money on a three day tradeshow, they would be happy if they ended up with one new solid importer. We wanted to help both importers and winemakers with an easy online tool to preselect potential tradepartners based on all the questions you would ask a new contact.
After the selection proces you just click on the "connect" button. In a pop up window you can request a connection with a personal message. After confirmation you can start the conversation (like LinkedIN). All messages you send can be automatically translated into any desired language and you can even add attachments.
Yes you can! But since our service is low cost we only offer yearly memberships. Your membership will continue until the end of your period.
We have a special membership for agents, representative organisations and owners of multiple wineries. At the moment we do not support other interested parties like suppliers, travel agents or journalists. We are considering other memberships and or advertising options.
"I was so impressed about the careful support and flexibility of the Vinexion team while upgrading the functions according to the preferences of an intermediate organization. My company proudly recommends Vinexion as a brilliant new tool for digital sales channels in the winebusiness."
- Zsofia (Agent from Hungary)

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Ready to find your next trade partner?

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