Connecting Wine People

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Connecting Wine People

1. The wine business problem
As a winemaker or wine importer your main focus is on wine making or wine trading. Activities like preselecting potential partners, travelling and visiting trade fairs take a lot of time and are often very expensive.

2. Our solution
That is why we created Vinexion: an online platform that brings winemakers and wine importers together. It’s our goal to make sure that you meet potential partners that really fit.
Vinexion drastically simplifies the ineffective cost and time-consuming activities of wine trading.

3. Search, connect and do business
As a winemaker or importer, you have your own profile on the Vinexion platform. Our search and match function makes it easy to find your next business partner and also shows availability or interest in your area.

4. To make it easy for you

  • We eliminate the language barrier
  • The platform works quick and easy
  • This community is strictly B2B
  • We are an independent service

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Our purpose in Wine life…

Our purpose is to give every winemaker and importer an equal opportunity to find potential markets and partners worldwide.

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