After a successful collaboration with Pro Vino last year, ProWein has decided to start its own event in Brazil this year.

Brazil is an important growing wine market and the event will be mainly focused on South American wines, but wines from other countries will be present as well!
At this event you can expect all the services that the ProWein events are well-known for, and that have made it one of the most successful wine events in the world!

Strengths of PROWINE in São Paulo
* The meeting point of the wine and spirits industry in Latin Amerinca
* Premium business forums for exhibitors and visitors
* Perfect location – São Paulo is the main financial city in Latin America
* The biggest import market – more than 50% of wine and spirits imported to Latin America goes to Brazil
* Trend topics presentes by industry specialists

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ProWine Brazil 2021
5 - 7 October 2021
São Paulo, Brazil

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