The ProWine China is an international trade fair for wines and spirits, which takes place every two years in Shanghai. It is an offshoot of ProWein in Düsseldorf and is exclusively open to trade visitors from the retail, wholesale and foreign trade, gastronomy, hotel and manufacturing industry.

The aim of the fair is to position international wineries, distributors and manufacturers at the dynamic wine market in China. The ProWine China is creating a platform for international distributors and producers but also for local suppliers to offer the entire repertoire of the wine industry, to set new highlights and to develope innovative trends. It has firmly established itself at the market and now plays a key role in the Chinese wine trade.

The focus of the exhibition is on quality, quantity and variety. Accompanying themed tastings, interesting and diverse presentations, informative talks and culinary events at the booths themselves as well as in the ProWein forum and the tasting area Munus Vini expand the offer of the fair.

The ProWine China takes place parallel to the FHC China, the international exhibition for food and beverages, which is thereby extended to the areas of wine and spirits. So both events benefit from the synergies regarding visitors and business opportunities.

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ProWine China
10 - 12 November 2020
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Shanghai, China

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