This year’s vintage in Argentina is marked by the challenging economic climate in the country, rather than any challenging climatic conditions. While winemakers are enthusiastic about the quality of the vintage, a wine surplus dampened spirits somewhat.  However, across the major regions of Cuyo, the North and Patagonia, the vintage was typical of an excellent year in Argentina.  Expect: Good wines across the board and accessible price points. Best for: Premium wines and mid-range wines had a strong harvest and are buffered from the worst of the market impact.

In the northern wine regions of Argentina, 2019 was a dry and sunny harvest with less than 100mm of rainfall during the summer. ‘It was a really good year, and very dry as per normal in Cafayate,” explains Piattelli winemaker Valeria Antolin. “We were able to harvest when we wanted to, and the torrontés from 2019 has much more floral and citrus notes this vintage.”

Argentina General 2019
Argentina General 2019
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