Valle de Rapel consists of the following regions:

  • Cachapoal Valley
  • Colchagua Valley


The region experienced nice thermal amplitude during ripening and the region had the possibility to manage water stress. The area between the mountains had some great weather conditions during the whole season, with absence of frost in the spring and good weather during the harvest.

Hail in November had little effect in the Rengo area but it slightly decreased the production of cabernet sauvignon in the Codegua area.

The global quality of the reds is better than the quality of the whites, with good aromatic expressions but lower acidity.


Good conditions resulted in a good season for the region. Beneficial weather conditions resulted into a good balance between aromatic expressions and acidity and pH.

The yields of merlot, carmenère and chardonnay are high compared to other years, while cabernet sauvignon shows a lower yield.

The merlot and cabernet sauvignon grapes showed an imbalance between sugar accumulation and phenolic ripeness, due to high summer temperatures and some dehydration.

Valle del Rapel
Valle del Rapel
Vintage 2019