Memberships for representatives

Vinexion created 3 new membership options for individual agents or consultants, sales organisations, collectives formed by winemakers themselves and owners of multiple (independent) Wineries. This representation can range from promotional activities to the closure of business deals.

The options “All in One” and “Linked” are based on full Vinexion profiles for every participant. The option “Intermediate” does not require a membership for the represented Wineries and is based on a more basic profile.

Important note: these memberships are only possible with the explicit consent of the Wineries which you are representing.

For our regular membership options please visit the "membership" page.

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Our membership options

All in one   Linked   Intermediate
Package deal    
Invoicing One invoice   Separate invoices   One invoice
Structural discount options    
Multiple users (read & edit)    
Full profile Full profile   Full profile   Limited profile
Multiple contacts    
€ 180 per participant   € 180 per participant   € 360,- per year / € 30 per participant

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