Bordeaux is considered to be one of the most conservative wine regions in the world. Yet, just before summer holidays started, a general assembly of winemakers voted unanimously to allow 7 new grape varieties in Bordeaux blends to combat climate change.

It’s just a start, allowing winemakers to plant up to 5% of their vineyards with the newly approved grapes and allowing them to use 10% in their blends up to the Bordeaux Supérieur labels. For now, the famous AOC appellations will not be affected and the French national INAO oversight body still has to approve these new regulations.

The new grapes find their origin in more southern parts of Europe; from France up to the Atlantic parts of Portugal and Spain. The biggest three names are: Touriga Nacional, Alvarinho and Marselan, who have proven to be able to produce high quality wines in hot regions.

Don’t expect any sudden changes in Bordeaux, but with this move all kinds of well kept secret experiments can now be discussed in the open.

7 new grapes in Bordeaux
7 new grapes in Bordeaux

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