The European Union is coming up with new support measures for the wine sector. Throughout Europe, the corona crisis has left the sector in a difficult situation. Many restaurants and bars were closed, and home consumption did not compensate for this loss of turnover.

That is why on Tuesday the European Commission adopted an additional package of exceptional measures to support the wine sector. This will increase the EU contribution to all national support programmes from 60% to 70%, giving the wine sector some financial breathing space.

Entrepreneurs in the wine sector will also be allowed to temporarily derogate from EU competition rules. In practice, this means that they will be allowed to plan their production together and advertise together in order to boost their sales.

Finally, European member states will have the possibility to make advance payments to entrepreneurs in the wine sector. These advances may cover up to 100% of the costs.

The set of measures comes at a good time for the wine sector. The sector is not only suffering from the corona crisis, but may soon also have to deal with import levies from the United States. The country has published a long list of goods that it wants to tax extra, and that includes wine.

EU supports Wine makers
EU supports Wine makers

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