With the first grapes being harvested throughout Europe, we can start looking at the qualities and quantities of the grapes that will become the newest vintage! What can you expect? We will take quick look at the weather during the growing season, the forecasts that have been made followed by a quick throwback to the 2018 harvest. At last we will take a look at the first reports from different regions in Europe.

Last summer, vines everywhere in Europe became the victim of a great heat wave. With temperatures high above the average and a burning sun, high in the sky some grapes and leaves in Languedoc-Roussillon have literally burned down. (Source: Decanter)

Where the heath and sun where a big problem during the summer, frost may have cut the harvest in some colder regions like the Jura and some parts of Bourgogne by 40%.

Due to the sub-optimal weather conditions the harvest will probably be lower compared to the 2018 harvest, but the quality might be better. In order to evaluate how the quality of the grapes and  wines will compare to earlier vintages we will have to wait for more information to become available from the different region.


The white grape harvest in Bordeaux has started and many estates note that the heat waves in the summer have not had as big as an impact on the harvest as expected. With good weather during the harvest good quality white wines are expected from Bordeaux. In regard with the quantity of the harvest: the French government released an estimation which showed a smaller overall harvest. However, some estates will have a higher harvest this year compared to last, as they where greatly affected by mildew attacks in 2018. Though, most estates are still franticly checking the weather, as the important red grape harvest will begin in the end of September and it is not certain that the pleasant current weather will stay until then. (Source: Decanter, The Telegraph)

European grape harvest has started
European grape harvest has started

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