The Regulatory Council (DO) of CAVA struggles with its identity after two groups of well-known and iconic producers broke ranks with the DO to set up Clàssic Penedès and Corpinnat. To fight this possible downfall, the DO has hired six wine experts to review new proposals for its segmentation and zoning project. 

Amongst these experts are famous Champagne expert and author Richard Juhlin and Sparkling wine expert and author Tom Stevenson. They will examine the DO’s proposals, which aim to highlight “the quality, differentiation, origin and prestige of Cava”. They have been asked to give their opinions on the proposals and help the DO to find the best ways to communicate their goals with winemakers, importers, journalists and consumers.

The breakaways have not closed the door on the DO CAVA for good but their actions can be seen as a “crowbar” to pave the way for strategic change to further enhance wine quality and differentiation amongst producers.

Experts to the rescue of DO CAVA
Experts to the rescue of DO CAVA

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