Join 5 Master Sommeliers and Masters of Wine as they taste and discuss Malbec from 5 distinct premium grape growing regions of Argentina.


The online event: “5 Master Sommeliers and a Malbec” was created by Vinexion member: Vino del Sol, The Argentine Wine Specialist as an educational reference point to help tell the story of the regional aspects of Malbec, utilizing the best presenters available in the world of wine.


Each MW/MS has been given a Malbec from a different terroir. Each will talk 10-15 minutes about the specificities of their terroir, do a virtual tasting of the Malbec from their particular area, and discuss how that particular Malbec expresses the terroir of the area. 


The video opens with Jean Claude Berrouet of Chateau Petrus fame and who makes wine at Tapiz, Zolo and Wapisa, followed by the 5 MW/MS: Doug Frost, Evan Goldstein, Brian Kozial, Keith Goldston and Rebecca Fineman.


The event is online over ZOOM and free!


You can join on October 15th at 5:00 PM local and stay on afterwards for a potential interactive Q&A with one of the Master Sommeliers.


They are hosting 4 separate timezone screenings over Zoom, each at 5:00 PM on October 15th.


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Famous sommeliers discuss Malbec on October 15
Famous sommeliers discuss Malbec on October 15

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