As a Dutch wine importer, I had to deal with the Corona crisis like everyone else. Normally I visit several trade shows and wine regions every year but this has unfortunately been impossible since we visited Wine Paris last year. For us it is important to keep our range of wines constantly up-to-date and I always want to add beautiful new wines to my selection.

Since I found Vinexion last year it has proven to be a real godsend! I can search for wine producers in my own time using a large set of wine related search criteria. Via the winemakers profile I get a good first impression of the company, the winemaker and the companies phylosophy. After narrowing down to a list of potentials for the first time I got in touch with them directly by sending a connection request. At first I thought this might slow things down but by giving the winery the chance to check out my profile first before answering meant that the quality of the connections I got was very good. Actually even better than a first contact on a trade show.

After getting in touch I felt comfortable being able to write in my own language, the build in translator did the rest.

For me, Vinexion has become a fixed value in my purchasing policy. I guess I even will use it when I start travelling again. The preselection is easy and I can optimize my (tradeshow) visits this way. In short: I became an ambassador! By using Vinexion I can optimize my preselection and stay in touch with producers from all over the world all year round and keep renewing my range in an effective way!


Jeroen Verdonk: Way of Wine!




Fortunately, I found Vinexion
Fortunately, I found Vinexion
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