In the European Union, the production volume is estimated at 156 million hectoliters, 15% less than in 2018 (26.7 million hl). No need to recall the weather conditions of this vintage going from frost to drought in France, Italy and Spain. The latter two recorded a drop in production of -15 and -24% respectively. These volumes are below the five-year average. The EU still accounts for 60% of world wine production, 80% of that volume comes from France, Italy and Spain. Portugal is the only country in the EU to produce more than last year (+ 10%) and above its five-year average (+ 4%).

US yields hold steady
Representing 12% of world production, the United States estimates its 2019 production at 23.6 million hl, or -1% compared to 2018. It is the fourth consecutive year that the country has recorded such a high level of production. 

Two-speed scenario in the southern hemisphere
It represents 20% of world production and its production is lower than 2018, as in the EU, but overall comparable to the average of the last fifteen years.

South America recorded the largest decrease with -10% compared to 2018. Its production amounted to 13 million hl. South Africa produced 9.7 million hl and recorded, for the second consecutive year, production below the average of the last fifteen years, ie -9%.

In Australia, production, down -3% in 2019, production remains with 12.5 million hl, as does its neighbour New Zealand, which recorded -1% compared to 2018 with 3 million hl. 

Source: Vitisphere

Global wine production 2019 decreased by 10%
Global wine production 2019 decreased by 10%
Source http://Vitisphere

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