We at Vinexion are working hard to build a community of wine professionals who use a helpful tool to find & connect to new trade partners worldwide. We are also hit by the the way the wine market has been affected, but our launch at the end of January was unexpectedly spot on for the crisis that flooded the whole world. 

 If we are successful in helping you, we lose track of your business deal in the making because you probably will switch to regular communication channels. Based on your feedback and suggestions we are currently working on adding attachments to the messages so you can keep using the translation facilities while sending offers, fiche techniques and other documents. Therefore, we love to receive reactions and feedback about how you experience our service and we also love to hear how it benefits you! Just like the following mail from one of our members.

We received the next message in our mailbox and it warmed our hearts! (reprinted with permission of San Valentino

Dear Sir,

my name is Giovanni Sidoli and I’m the CEO of San Valentino Winery in Rimini – Emilia Romagna (Italy).

First of all I’d like to congratulate with you for the very useful web site VINEXION, the perfect partner to discover and meet new opportunities around the world, especially in 2020 with COVID Pandemia and with no fairs. We have had, since we opened our account, 36 contacts and many answers, from the foreign Importers and distributor, to our presentation messages; Vinexion works, is real B2B, and we thank you very much for having created and promoted. I’m suggesting to many friends and producers to  join VINEXION and make it stronger and stronger.

In our worst year you and VINEXION have provided to us a magic tool and we are establishing many business opportunities for our winery: THANK YOU AGAIN!!!

My kindest regards,

Giovanni Sidoli


Thank you Giovanni for this message and we are working on your suggestion for the next improvement!

Great customer feedback
Great customer feedback

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