The harvest is Champagne started in the first days of September. Despite big differences between the different champagne areas, the harvest will exceed the 10.000 kg/Ha average and lies close to the economic yield necessary to fulfill the market's demands of Champagne.

Although the spring frost and the heat waves in June and July “burned” 10% of the grapes, The warm and sunny months of August and September, combined with cool nights, compensated this loss with an exceptional maturation. Reports speak of of a very good balance between sugar and acidity as well as exceptional aromatic concentration. This predicts the best for future cuvees!

In 2018 the global revenue for Champagne reached a new record of 4,9 Billion euro (+0,3%). The volumes were slightly lower but the quality (and price) levels of bottles sold, were up.

So far the climate change affected the champagne region in a positive way. In the last 30 years the average temperature has risen 1,1 degrees with positive results for both yield and quality.

Hopefully we’ll see more great harvests in the years to come.

Great harvest for Champagne
Great harvest for Champagne
Source http://Bureau du Champagne

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