After all the reports about extreme and atypical weather conditions we are as curious as you are about how the harvest of 2019 will turn out. We read messages from South Africa to Tuscany, some regions in France and Austria. Most winemakers report some degree of extreme weather conditions related to loss of volume. 20%-25% loss is unfortunately no exception. Luckily we also found cheerful news.

Some quotes from across the globe:….

“Burnt. The leaves, the grapes – as if someone has passed down the rows with a blowtorch.” (Herault, France. Source: The Telegraph)

“Due to the high temperatures this year, some winemakers started harvesting the grapes three weeks earlier than usual.” (Nieve, Italy. source: New York Times)

“Severe weather fluctuations during bud break and flowering, followed by cool windy conditions during set, contributed to fewer bunches and smaller berries.” (Source: WOSA, South Africa)

April frosts, summer heat waves and violent hailstorms look set to reduce the 2019 Beaujolais harvest volume by at least 25%, according to Inter Beaujolais vice president David Ratignier. (Source: Decanter)

But luckily also some more optimistic comments like we found on ‘Österreich Wein’:

“Due to drought in June and July the grapes are smaller but provide more aromas. Winemakers expect high sugar concentrations combined with high acidity and expect very balanced wines.”

Additions are highly appreciated and can be send to [email protected] for usage in our harvest reports 2019 per region.

Harvest 2019, What to expect?
Harvest 2019, What to expect?

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