Vinexion created 3 new membership options for individual agents or consultants, sales organisations, collectives formed by winemakers themselves and owners of multiple (independent) Wineries. This representation can range from promotional activities to the closure of business deals.

Initially, Vinexion was created to link individual wineries to importers. It works like a dating site where matches can be made based upon a whole list of relevant wine making or wine trading criteria. But more and more we saw new members that were struggling with our profiles because they have a different role in the wine trading business and could not present themselves properly in Vinexion’s profiles. So, we started talking to them and used their input to create 3 new membership options especially for them who represent wineries in the market.

The options “All in One” and “Linked” are based on full Vinexion profiles for every participant. The representative organization or owner of multiple wineries will each have a separate profile page and all profile pages are linked and share each other’s name’s, logo’s and contact information.  All participants will have the benefit of a full and dedicated Vinexion profile and have the possibility to explain their roles in marketing, sales and export. All participants are members of the Vinexion community.

The option “Intermediate” is created with individual agents or consultants in mind and does not require a membership for the represented wineries. Every winery will pop up in the search and match system based on the selection of their specific profile items. But this option is based on a more basic profile. The owner of this membership is the contact person for every represented winery. This membership can be an entry level membership and can be upgraded in the future to a membership based on full profiles. 

Of course these memberships are only possible with the explicit consent of the Wineries which you are representing.

We hope these new memberships will accommodate a wider variety of dedicated wine professionals without losing the specific search and match benefits that make Vinexion unique!

New memberships for representatives
New memberships for representatives
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