Much has happened in the first half of 2020. The wine industry is still in in shock and searching for the right answers, or even fighting to stay alive. Despite financial support by governments and the fact that some regions loosened up the strict rules of the appellation in order to provide more options to create some revenue. Not only winemakers, importers and distributors are affected, all wine related suppliers and services have been seriously hit.


We visited the lovely town of Sancerre last week and drove through the epicenter Chavignol and it’s vineyards. Despite the blistering heat (38 degrees) you can still feel the magic of this magnificent product. The grapes are growing on the vines, pallets of bottles waiting on the sidewalk to be filled and labelled. The air filled with potential and anticipation that, after this global crisis, everything will start-up again. We can only sit it out as best we can.


We at Vinexion deal with the fact that some members create an account and a company profile and tell us after the free trial, that our service is filling a real gap, works like a dream and is very affordable….but, that every penny counts at the moment.  Luckily, we also receive “thank you” emails of wine makers and importers who used Vinexion and successfully found new business partners. We also reached the magical goal of 100 represented countries in our list of members.


We promise to ‘sit it out’ and keep investing in further optimizing our services. This summer we even decided to start developing a brand-new user interface based on an improved customer journey to be launched in October. We can’t wait!!


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Stay brave and healthy and enjoy the rest of your summer…and a glass of wine!


Team Vinexion


Summer reflections
Summer reflections

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