Yesterday we received a great message that warmed our hearts from Mariola Varona from Zinio Bodegas in the Rioja, a region hit hard by Corona. This is what she wrote to us after she became a member: “Muchas gracias, me parece una iniciativa estupenda y sacada en el mejor momento, espero que se una mucha gente y sigamos pudiendo inundar de alegría embotellada al mundo -.)”. 

Translated: “Thank you very much, it seems to me a great initiative and taken at the best moment, I hope that many people join and we can continue to flood the world with bottled joy -.)”

After we asked if we could post her heartwarming post she replied: “Absolutly, go ahead! We cannot stop the wheel, our company is a coop formed by 200 families that depend on us, we need more than ever help and to make people understand that supporting a coop is about supporting families, I believe that all together will be able to survive to this crisis and the core values will be back. Faith, Resilence, Commitment, Sacrifice and above all try to show the best of all of us, we need to be more than ever collaborative, empathic and work with the synergies we can have, this platform can be a great help!
All together Don´t stop the wheel!”

We thank you Mariola! We support all the people from regions like yours that are struck and wine makers and importers that go through difficult times. If we only can contribute a little with our initiative, that would be great!!

Unite the world of wine
Unite the world of wine

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