This is a list of the 50 most amazing places to taste wine and learn about winemaking.

There are some famous names on the list. Some of the world’s best-loved wine regions are represented. But there are also plenty of surprises. There are producers and places that only the wine industry knows about… until now.

The diversity is incredible. There are modern architectural wonders; there are small boutique wineries. There are ancient cellars, modern restaurants, and stunning wedding venues.

Some offer something a little different – such as a horse-drawn vintage carriage tour through the vineyard, a large collection of classic cars, a valuable art collection, mountain biking adventures, horseriding, a diamond store, an award-winning infinity pool, or open-fire dining. Take your pick!

All are worth visiting. All offer dazzling views. And all offer terrific wines.

These are special places by any standards. But if you love wine, welcome to paradise.

Welcome to the 2019 list of the World’s Best Vineyards

The Top 50 list is based on the votes cast by The World’s Best Vineyards Academy, which is made up of nearly 500 leading wine aficionados, sommeliers, and luxury travel correspondents from across the globe.

World's Best Vineyards 2019
World's Best Vineyards 2019

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